The Action Replay Plus Cartridge for Sega Saturn

I just wanted to let all of you guys know what one of my all time FAVORITE video game accessories is. That would be the Action Replay PLUS cartridge for Sega Saturn! My thoughts on this product is first that it is incredibly ingenious. It acts as a memory card, a ram card, cheat code provider, and allows games from one region to be played on another region console.

Action Replay Cartridge for Sega Saturn

This little guy does some amazing stuff! First of all as you probably know, some Saturn games (especially a lot of Capcom titles) require extra ram. While there are a few options on the market, this one in my opinion puts all the rest to shame. This is because not only are you getting the necessary ram from the cartridge, this thing allows you to play Japanese games on an American system or European and vice versa! Yes, if you didn’t know, some of the most fun games for Saturn were never released in America due to the overwhelming success of the Playstation 1. Well that didn’t matter too terribly much because with one of these puppies you can still play all the best games, even if you have a PAL Sega Saturn!

DBZ japanese saturn game

This is one of my favorite examples! This game is really fun for Saturn and you couldn’t get it in an American version. The only drawback is obviously most people can’t read Japanese. However in today’s world, one can simply google the controls and objectives of the game(s).

Also we all know that the batteries die in Sega Saturns, and this product acts as a memory card as well, leaving peace of mind that you game was indeed saved.

And for all of you cheaters out there, this thing has preloaded codes on it and allows the user to save more to it! However, I am not that experienced with this feature as I try hard not to cheat, the farthest I’ll usually go is exploiting a glitch or a built in secret, for example in the Mario games on NES.

I think this product was an awesome example of the ingenuity that the video game industry is capable of. Some people saw the Saturn as a troubled console, while others truly saw the full potential of this amazing console. Yes the Saturn was plagued with having its battery and got crushed by Sony, but I don’t think I’m alone when I say that the Saturn was indeed one of the best systems produced!


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WordPress is Full of Supportive Gamers

So I’ve been trying to learn this whole WordPress thing lately. I never realized how many great looking websites were in fact WordPress pages perhaps with their own domain name. So far in my “journey” I have come across some very helpful people, blogs, and groups. The most helpful would definitely have to be Beer and Joysticks. They have an awesome looking format, topic, and all around great presence. I plan on keeping in contact with these guys from here on out as they really are very friendly, and I urge you to head over there and check it out. Whether you like beer, games, or both, its a great place to hang out with a decent sized community! Also from what I can tell, very helpful in this community and deserve the credit for doing so. So do yourself a favor and head over to Beer and Joysticks NOWW haha!


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Top Rated Older Gaming Console

I know not all of them are on here, but I thought we’d all have a favorite out of these!

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Has Anyone Ever Thought of This??

Tekken 3 Arcade Cabinet

So, I was replacing a worn out button in my Tekken 3 full size arcade game and it dawned on me how much freakin’ space is inside one of these things! My next thought was, well they weigh 500 pounds for a reason, and that reason is to keep people out!! Then it hit me, this game is a HUGE SAFE! I mean can anyone else say, yea I can play Tekken 3 on my safe? I think this is a great idea! Sure its not fireproof or waterproof but you can put a fireproof/waterproof safe inside this thing. So in turn, anyone can have a safe with their favorite game installed on it haha as long as you buy a decent lock for the front of it! Since then I’ve been storing most of my valuables inside this thing, inside a smaller fireproof safe of course, meanwhile taking my friends’ quarters because they can’t seem to beat me hehe. Back to what I was asking though, is anyone else out there doing this as well? If so, good for you for being smart I guess haha. Let me know what you guys think haha!


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Awesome Older Games

So I’ve been playing my games again after digging in my collection. I generally will find three to five different games for different consoles that I want to play and always find it hard to choose. So I almost always end up just playing all five after I find the cables, consoles, and controllers; obviously not always in that order hehe. Anyway, a few days ago I found a few very classic titles, well in mind at least, these included: Shining Force 3 for Sega Saturn (very awesome game), Super Contra for NES, and Battletoads for NES (my ALL TIME  favorite!!). Of course when faced with these great titles which one to play first…

Battletoads for NES

I picked Battletoads obviously because I personally have been trying to get past the fourth level since I was five years old… If you are familiar with this game it is pretty much impossible, as I personally would rate this in top five hardest games EVER! So needless to say I got fed up with this after about an hour and didn’t want to break my NES.

Shining Force 3 for Sega Saturn

So, I switched over to The Sega Saturn, which I love playing by the way. I have the lucky opportunity to own a Blue Skeleton Derby see through Japanese Console that I play American games with the Action Replay cartridge (very cool feature of Saturn). Shining Force 3 is actually a harder game to come by these days unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for, however one can still locate the game pretty easily sometimes for super cheap. I love the turn based strategy of this game in particular because I feel it was ahead of its time. It also, in my opinion, has a great replay value and isn’t necessarily an easy game to beat, involving hours of gameplay. Very very fun game both visually and also just as a video game.

Super Contra for NES

Needles to say another very hard game is Contra, let alone Super Contra! However, I absolutely love the sounds and gameplay of both the titles. If you haven’t had the chance to experience these great titles, please do yourself a favor and try to get ahold of them! If you need help with levels just let me know haha as some parts of all of these require some practice. Older games seem to only get harder after long periods of not playing them, especially if you are used to newer, easier titles. Anyway that was stupid long and if you made it this far thank you for enjoying some great titles, maybe I have motivated you to break out the old consoles again!!


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