Has Anyone Ever Thought of This??

Tekken 3 Arcade Cabinet

So, I was replacing a worn out button in my Tekken 3 full size arcade game and it dawned on me how much freakin’ space is inside one of these things! My next thought was, well they weigh 500 pounds for a reason, and that reason is to keep people out!! Then it hit me, this game is a HUGE SAFE! I mean can anyone else say, yea I can play Tekken 3 on my safe? I think this is a great idea! Sure its not fireproof or waterproof but you can put a fireproof/waterproof safe inside this thing. So in turn, anyone can have a safe with their favorite game installed on it haha as long as you buy a decent lock for the front of it! Since then I’ve been storing most of my valuables inside this thing, inside a smaller fireproof safe of course, meanwhile taking my friends’ quarters because they can’t seem to beat me hehe. Back to what I was asking though, is anyone else out there doing this as well? If so, good for you for being smart I guess haha. Let me know what you guys think haha!


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