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The Action Replay Plus Cartridge for Sega Saturn

I just wanted to let all of you guys know what one of my all time FAVORITE video game accessories is. That would be the Action Replay PLUS cartridge for Sega Saturn! My thoughts on this product is first that … Continue reading

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WordPress is Full of Supportive Gamers

So I’ve been trying to learn this whole WordPress thing lately. I never realized how many great looking websites were in fact WordPress pages perhaps with their own domain name. So far in my “journey” I have come across some … Continue reading

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Top Rated Older Gaming Console

I know not all of them are on here, but I thought we’d all have a favorite out of these!

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Has Anyone Ever Thought of This??

So, I was replacing a worn out button in my Tekken 3 full size arcade game and it dawned on me how much freakin’ space is inside one of these things! My next thought was, well they weigh 500 pounds … Continue reading

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Awesome Older Games

So I’ve been playing my games again after digging in my collection. I generally will find three to five different games for different consoles that I want to play and always find it hard to choose. So I almost always … Continue reading

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